We are blessed with gifts from nature. They are at the core of Granola Baar.

We strive to reduce our environmental footprint with simple choices, for instance:

100% vegetarian

Granola Baars are suitable for vegetarian diets.

Our animal friends say 'Thank you'!

Photo of eco-friendly pouch

100% compostable packaging

Granola Baars are packaged in pouches made of polylactic acid (PLA) from plants, with a laminated protective ALOX coating. This ensures the Baars are sealed and remain fresh, with the benefits of an eco-friendly packaging:

- PLA (Polylactic Acid) is a bioplastic material made from renewable resources such as corn and sugar. It is a sustainable product and is compostable in industrial composting facilities.

- ALOX (Aluminium Oxide) Coating is a clear barrier coating and when applied to flexible plastic film can achieve high oxygen and moisture barrier properties. ALOX is compostable and when used with a PLA film will create a high barrier, compostable package.

Local Sourcing

We prioritize local suppliers as much as possible. This ensures a lower environmental footprint from transportation, supports the community, and usually provides higher quality ingredients!