Size matters!... or does it?

Some GreatFaans have commented that Granola Baars in their packs of 4 may have slightly different sizes. That's because they're prepared by real people, not machines! We mix, bake, cut and package everything manually, so slight variations in shape are normal: every Baar is unique!

But rest assured, you're always getting what's promised.
Like most food items, Granola Baars go by weight: 1.5oz for individual Baars, 6oz for packs of 4, dkilleen428@gmail.comwhich is consistent or better than most snacks out there.
*We weigh every single Baar or pack of 4*
And since we're not perfect, we err on the safe side and each package usually contains more than the indicated quantities. Never less!

In fact, we've also received positive feedback from customers who like the compact size of Granola Baars because they take less space in the bag or on the bike! But they still pack all the energy and nutrients you can expect!

So if size matters, maybe smaller is better, as long as the weight is right!

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